What you need to know about Ladder displays {Espositori a scaletta}

espositore a scaletta:    He company Plastiks s.r.o. offers display stands for your commercial spaces. Display stands for display cases allow you to display many items within a small space. We make up ladder displays with one or more shelves. At your request, we can create product ladders with transparent materials or various colors. And window displays are available in various thicknesses, depending on the needs of the customers.


Our company is ready to realize Exhibitors with ladder, display stands for display cabinets of any size or configuration, according to your drawings and your needs.

Using acrylic display for goods, you can not be afraid of the appearance of the product, because it always seems clean and the buyer sees it only in the best light.The organic plexiglass ladder display is transparent and alone attracts the appearance of the your customers, therefore pay attention not only to exhibitors, mama also to the goods that are on. With its help, you can also organize goods in different levels, saving space. In this section of our catalog we offer you various exhibitors for goods on 3 steps of acrylic: supports with two, three and four levels that can be straight, curly and inclined. These exhibitors are made for different merchandise. Exhibitor with informer and limiters for telephones, with magnetic tape – for knives, for plates, belts, glasses, etc. acrylic goods, plexiglass, produced by our company – is the result of hard work for many years. Today we produce many different auxiliary and promotional products made of acrylic, plexiglass, plastic and various organic materials. Our company constantly improves the quality of composite materials, which allows us to increase the level of our sales. Manufacture and sale of acrylic ladder display for goods to buy display for the goods of our company, you can call any number indicated in the contacts. Delivery to any Italian city by courier is also made.

Siete in questa pagina del nostro sito, come probabilmente ricercato su Internet: espositori per vetrine, scalette porta prodotti, espositore a scaletta di acrilico, acquista espositore a scaletta di plastica per la merce.

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