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It is worth pointing out that one should carefully consider their SEO/SEM strategy and search engine choices. Choosing which search engine you will focus your SEO tactics on, isn’t so easy. Even though Google has over 60% of the search market, that doesn’t mean that in other industries, or countries, it still is the leading search engine.

Marketing research done in the USA around 2008, proved that internets are more prone to convert (make a purchase/buy online) from pages that they found using Yahoo, rather than Google. Maybe that is something worth considering?

Also, regional and national preferences shouldn’t be ignored. Even though Google is a world leader when all statistics are combined, it still lags far behind other regional search engines like Yandex in Russia, Seznam in Czech republic or Baidu in China.

So, while Google is the big shot, it may be worthwhile to check if in your industry or country, another search engine isn’t dominating the field. If it is, then consider your SEO efforts in accord with it.

Blended Search

Lastly, search engines continuously strive to improve their search results and to do that, they utilize many forms of media:

  • news briefs
  • film/video clips
  • music
  • other multimedia

All search engines want to present search results that most closely answer questions keyed in by web users. That is the reason why the biggest search engines pay attention to all types of content that can enhance their results.

Google began including YouTube video clips, images, PDF’s and news in its search results, naming this type of broad search content “Blended Search”. Google, Yahoo and MSN believe that content in these applications can be just as relevant and useful to web users searching for information online, as the content of a website.

That is why we recommend exploiting Blended Search and the multimedia possibilities that the internet offers. Where ever possible, create video clips, mp3s or images that relate to your content. Properly tagged clips/images/music will be given equal credence in search results, just as the page on which they appear.

Important last thoughts

SEO efforts in alternate search engines carry with them an additional benefit. Even though Google can attract the largest amount of visitors to your site, those visitors don’t necessarily have to be ready to buy, nor easy to convert.

Other search engines can prove to attract less visitors to your site, however they will target visitors that are ready to purchase/convert.

Lets also remember that SEO in of itself simply helps you reach a high SERP position. However, positioning in of itself will not be of much use if it ends up attracting traffic to your site that is not really interested in your services/products. That is why it is important to plan out all SEO efforts ahead of time and remember that the key focus of SEO should lie in raising web sales.

SEO Magma always recommends using SEO as part of a wider e-marketing strategy. SEO will attract traffic, but in combination with other marketing tactics it will help to convert that traffic into active users.

We encourage you to contact if you wish to increase the amount of web visits and improve web conversion.

p.s. Google regularly changes and enhances its algorithm. Almost every quarter it rolls out significant changes to its computation methods. Such changes have impact on how it ranks pages and what results appear in SERPs. Be conscious of that when optimizing your own site and make sure you equally distribute your attention among all the SEO steps, rather than focusing solely on steps that have proved useful in the past.

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